Return to Last Channel plug in for TeamSpeak 3

This is an extremely small plugin that allows you to set a hotkey to return you to the last channel you were in before joining the channel you are currently in.

Usage is simple. Just save the dll to the plugins folder of your client install and set a hotkey to run the plugin command "/lastchannel lastchannel"

I have some ideas for more on this plugin, but for now it basic and simple as I get back into C++ programing as it has been years.


NOTE Nov 23 2016: I had a total loss of my version control system since last update. I soon hope to get back into it with GitHub account and get API 21 released soon as a total rewrite of this plugin. As of this morning my TS3 Developer account on is pending.


May need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C++ runtime if you get “Failed to open” error.
Can get them here: x86 (32bit); x64 (64bit)


Current release version: 1.24 released Dec 19 2013



Current pre-release version: : n/a

Return to Last Channel - Plugin Change log

Copyright Screech

   + Added feature or noticeable improvement

   - Bug fix or something removed

   * Changed or Information

   ! Important - Take note!


=== Plugin Release 1.24 19 DEC 2013

- Plugin API updated to 20


=== Plugin Release 1.23 05 APR 2013

- Removed Force Passworded Channel support option.

+ Improved support having or not having b_channel_join_ignore_password permission.

+ Anti-kick now works even if tab is not selected.


=== Plugin Release 1.22 20 MAR 2013

- Fixed bug that reported invalid password even after successful channel change


=== Plugin Release 1.21 20 MAR 2013

+ Updated support returning to passworded channel without needing ignore password permission

  Only works if user already manually entered the channel and the cached password is still

  the channel's current password


=== Plugin Release 1.20 10 OCT  2012

* Plugin API updated to 19


=== Plugin Release 1.19.1 31 JUL  2012

* Plugin API updated to 18


=== Plugin Release 1.19 21 JUN  2012

* Plugin API updated to 17


=== Plugin Release 1.18 23 APR 2012

+ New Channel menu item to manually update last channel.

* Plugin API updated to 16

! Problem found with non-Windows builds, for now they are removed until resolved.


=== Plugin Release 1.17 23 JAN 2012

* Plugin API updated to 15

+ Menu items.


=== Plugin Release 1.16 26 OCT 2011

* There was a change to the SDK so recompiled.


=== Plugin Release 1.15 27 SEP 2011

* Plugin API updated to 14


=== Plugin Release 1.14 01 AUG 2011

* Plugin API updated to 13


=== Plugin Release 1.13 06 JUL 2011

* Plugin API updated to 12


=== Plugin Release 1.12 04 MAY 2011

* Plugin API updated to 11


=== Plugin Release 1.11 14 APR 2011

* Plugin API updated to 10

- Last build was a reset to provided test plugin, this one again removes the unneeded test plugin functions.

+ Was reported to me that the previous command for allowing passworded channel support could not be save to a hotkey without manually editing the hotkey.ini file.

   Was said to be too long and getting cut off.

   Added a new command to enable that function that should fit now, can use "/lastchannel locked_channels". If you edited the INI don't worry, old way still works too.  


=== Plugin Release 1.10 12 JAN 2011

+ Updated to support RC1 (While still API 9 there were several changes)

+ Once you have a last channel set for a server when you select yourself in the channel tree there is info data that names your last channel now.


=== Plugin Release 1.9 24 DEC 2010

+ Updated to support NOFMOD


=== Plugin Release 1.8 21 DEC 2010

* Plugin API updated to 9


=== Plugin Release 1.7 16 DEC 2010

+ Allow for forcing password support so that server admins, or any one with b_channel_join_ignore_password permission can return to passworded channels instead of getting passworded channel not support message.

   To enable run this command "/lastchannel force_passworded_channel_support"

   Will need to be run anytime the client/plugin is started, you may want to create hotkey to call this plugin command if you restart often(will look into config file options to allow this setting to be remembered)


=== Plugin Release 1.6 13 DEC 2010

+ Added Mac build (Intel/ppc)

* For now returning to a password-ed channel is disabled. No real way to make it work reliably with current plugin API.


=== Plugin Release 1.5 06 Dec 2010

+ Added Linux builds

! Some work with passworded channels, passworded channels not supported right now (may or may not work)


=== Plugin Release 1.4 26 Oct 2010

+ Added some outputs to current tab to indicate why plugin is not changing the channel. (you’ve not moved, channel deleted or from previous server that was open in same tab)

- Removed some more of the "test" code


=== Plugin Release 1.3 22 Oct 2010

- Removed some more lingering "test plugin" code.


=== Plugin Release 1.2 22 Oct 2010

+ Now when moved by another user or kicked from channel, last channel is updated to support returning to channel you were last moved or kicked from.

- Removed more of the "test plugin" code.


=== Plugin Release 1.1 22 Oct 2010

- Fixed already a member of channel error when connected to multiple tabs using same hotkey set

! Still need to fix so that when you are moved by someone else it will update your last channel


=== Plugin Release 1.0 21 Oct 2010

! Initial release (used test plugin sdk for initial layout, removed most of the optional code)

! To use add a hotkey that runs plugin command "/lastchannel lastchannel"