Now playing plug-in for TeamSpeak 3


- Show your current track in the Client Info pane if they also have the plugin running.

- Enter "/nowplaying foo" to broadcast your current track, to your current channel, all users in your channel will see this output.

- Option to broadcast any song change to the channels your online.


Works with:

·         Winamp

·         VLC

·         Foobar2000 (You need this plugin)

·         MediaMonkey

·         Aimp2

·         Probably more which support Winamp IPC API

·         Google Music

·         Spotify

·         Spider Player

·         Window Media Player (you need this plugin)




- TeamSpeak3 Client 3.0.0 RC2 [build 14642] or later



1.      Download!

2.      If you have TeamSpeak 3 running, close it.

3.      Double click the downloaded ts3_plugin file

4.      TeamSpeak Package Installer will launch, follow the prompts until the package installer is done and closes.

5.      Start TeamSpeak

6.      Have Fun




To edit the configuration you need to locate and edit the now_playing_plugin.ini. Under a default install of TeamSpeak3 this configuration file can be found at “%appdata%\TS3Client\now_playing_plugin.ini” after the plug-in has started once. Plug-in will not load new settings until disabled and re-enabled or next time TeamSpeak is loaded.

Configuration file settings:


           Setting (default value) <min-max range> description.

·         enable_applitions (1) <0-1> 0 = do nothing, 1 = show your current song behind "Applications" in your info field

·         applications ({title}) Format to show in right pane next to Now Playing:

·         auto_channel_message (0) <0-1> 0 = do nothing, 1 = every time you change your current song, a new "channel_message" gets written to your current channels

·         bound_to_unique_id ()nothing = not used, 28 char unique id = only on servers where this unique id is used is auto_channel_message processed if enabled.

·         channel_message (I’m listening to [b]{title}[/b]) Message format that is used for channel message when new songs play.

·         Refresh_rate_milliseconds (1000) <500-2000> Defines how often in milliseconds to query the media player for current playing song.

·         scan_winamp (default = 1, Also applies to any player that uses Winamp IPC API)

·         scan_vlc (default = 1)

·         scan_lightalloy (default = 1)

·         scan_spotify (default = 1)

·         scan_spider (default = 1)

·         scan_google (default = 0)

·         scan_wmp (default = 1)





Current release version: 0.15.3290 released Oct 17  2013



Current pre-release version: 0.15.3353 Dec 19  2013


0.15.4029 Source Code



·         Remove wait after subscribing (includes joining one you didn’t have subed before joining) a channel for updated info from a music player

Now playing - Plug-in Change log

Copyright 4nt1h4cker

   + Added feature or noticeable improvement

   - Bug fix or something removed

   * Changed or Information

   ! Important - Take note!



=== Plugin Release 0.15.3353 19 Dec 2013

- Updated to support the updated API 20


=== Plugin Release 0.15.3290 17 Oct 2013

- Update to support song titles with "?" in them.

! Clients running old plugin versions will not see songs in client info from those running the new version.

  Clients running new plugin versions will see songs in client info from all plugin versions, though data from old plugins may still have "?" bug.


=== Plugin Release 0.15.3136 16 May 2013

- Additional tweaks to Google Play code to prevent showing areas in Google Play when not playing music due to updated player.


=== Plugin Release 0.15.3134 15 May 2013

- Fixed Google Music detection.


=== Plugin Release 0.15.2295 21 OCT 2012

+ Added support for reducing bandwidth a dedicated bot uses while there is

  no one that can hear it. Please review readme.txt for more info.


=== Plugin Release 0.15.2284 10 OCT 2012

* Updated to support the updated API 19


=== Plugin Release 0.15.2212 31 JUL 2012

* Updated to support the updated API 18


=== Plugin Release 0.15.2173 21 JUN 2012

+ Added negative result to scanning status report

* Updated to support the updated API 17

! Google Play detection stopped working in Google Chrome after recent Chrome update


=== Plugin Release 0.15.2115 24 APR 2012

- Fix bug that would enabled scanning for WMP when displaying scanning status.


=== Plugin Release 0.15.2114 23 APR 2012

+ Windows Media Player support added.

+ Menus added

* Updated Google Music with new name of Google Play

* Updated to support the updated API 16


=== Plugin Release 0.15.2032 01 FEB 2012

- Adjusted Google Detection to remove false positive while in the Market looking at songs.

- Fixed that when you move to a channel you were not subscribed it is not requesting current songs from those in the channel.

+ Spotify support.

* Increased the timeout at unload to give slower computers a chance to finish without crashing the client. (Maybe fix the “Reksh Error”)

+ Spider Player support.

! Added new player scanning options to INI file. By default all are enabled except Google Music.

  Decided to not enable Google by default because it uses a lot of scanning time and only used in US

  (See readme.txt for more info)


=== Plugin Release 0.14.2026 26 JAN 2012

* Updated to support the updated API 15

- Now if a song is more than 20 minutes it will still be displayed thanks to a "keep alive" being sent.

  (Yes, some ambient tracks are > 20 minutes)

+ Google Music support. See Readme for details.


=== Plugin Release 0.13.1331 27 NOV 2011

- Fixed Song title display if the song title display when the song title contains a question mark in it.


=== Plugin Release 0.13.1299 26 OCT 2011

* There was a change to the SDK so recompiled.


=== Plugin Release 0.13.1270 27 SEP 2011

* Updated to support the updated API 14


=== Plugin Release 0.13.1213 01 AUG 2011

* Updated to support the updated API 13


=== Plugin Release 0.13.1166 06 JUL 2011

* Updated to support the updated API 12


=== Plugin Release 0.13.1165 14 JUN 2011

* Updated to support the updated API 11 that adds support for returnCode testing on ts3Functions.sendPluginCommand

* Still working on the crash on client exit, still not found an easy way to deal with subthread getting killed outside main thread of the plugin


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1152 01 JUN 2011

- Fix crashes due to buffers for commands and song titles not being large enough.

+ Is now a one-click install download, requires client RC2 or later.


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1150 30 MAY 2011

- Fixed TS3 hang on exit if several plug-ins are enabled.

* limited the refresh_rate_milliseconds to 2000 (valid range is now 500-2000)


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1149 29 MAY 2011

- Fix crash in Win32 on XP when disconnecting from a server.


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1147 27 MAY 2011

* Updated to better release data for out of view clients

+ Should be no delay when joining a server to see the songs of users that were playing before you joined.

- Remove several of the debugging outputs to console window


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1146 26 MAY 2011

+ Now supports displaying other user's songs in the info pane.

  NOTE: Currently there is a delay in getting song info from users that were already playing a song when you connected or subscribe to the room the user is in.

        You do not receive the notice about the song until the user's client detect a new song or the song is pause a moment and resumed.

        (next version of plug-in should resolve this)


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1143 23 MAY 2011

- Fix a bug that was causing the plug-in to reset the enable_applications and auto_send_message settings to default every load.

* Some of the communication code added, for testing right now.


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1139 19 MAY 2011

- Fix plug-in crash on closing it when refresh_rate_milliseconds > 500

+ Now shows the song you are playing with you select yourself, seeing song of others is still a work in progress


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1138 18 MAY 2011

- Fixed code that checks if ini file exist so that if the file did not exist when the plug-in was enabled it no longer crashes the client when disabled.

+ No more need to delete ini with new plug-in version. If an expected setting is missing the default value is automatically added to the ini file.


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1137 17 MAY 2011

+ Updated to add refresh_rate_milliseconds to existing ini files

- Fixed so that if the ini existed while starting the plug-in the file is released and can be edited while the plug-in is running now (this also allowed for updating the existing ini if it is missing settings)

- For now the code for application (client pane info) is disabled to prevent crashes until I understand why it is not working, or come up with a work around. I know one exist as the app_scanner plug-in still displays.


=== Plug-in Release 0.13.1136 16 MAY 2011

* Plug-in API updated to 11

* Code updates now by Screech

* adjusted version numbering to show branching from previous author

+ New INI setting (refresh_rate_milliseconds) to adjust polling time for song changes

            default = 1000

            minimum = 500

            For users who already have an existing settings file you will need to manually add this line for now if you don't want the default.

! Currently the display in the client info pane is not working, client appears to be ignoring this data or there was a change to the plug-in SDK that I still don't know about



=== Plug-in Release 0.13 ?? ??? ??

* As last released by 4nt1h4cker